Wednesday, June 01, 2011

"Confirmed in Antwerp..."

I just read that phrase out on the internet, at the beginning of some longer comment to a blog post. The comment had nothing to do, as near as I could tell, with the content of the post. Maybe it was a kind of artistic statement? Maybe misfiled? Whatever. I just loved it, though - hinting as it does at some important, busy life - some artist. some contemporary eminence. A long way from where I sit, alas, and probably not a phrase likely ever to be said following my name - but there it is. Isn't it poetry?


In other non news, I have been thinking for a while about those great pop-culture metaphorical places: "Chinatown" (I mean in the sense it was used in the movie of the same name - I know that there are many literal Chinatowns), Margaritaville, Hotel California. What would I call the metaphorical place I currently inhabit? How about you? Looking forward to getting a couple of answers here.


R. Sherman said...

I've been to Antwerp and it's not not that great. I'm not sure what would be confirmed there which would be so important.

As for my humble locale, I think "Hinterland" is pretty close, given that we're considered a backwater of sorts, but those of us who inhabit the place aren't as bucolic as people on the coasts would like to believe.

Good question, though.


Nan said...

Metaphorical, and as you write in your blog description, 'literal' - The Last House in America simply cannot be beat. It is perfect.

KSV Woolfoot said...

Nan - too kind, as usual. I was thinking about this the other night and I think the metaphorical place I am really occupying is my own private Idaho. You know what I mean.