Thursday, April 28, 2011

Now We Are 46...

There's an A.A. Milne joke in there somewhere. I am feeling sort of decrepit.

In the background today I have been playing (though not really watching) a Gregory Peck retrospective on Turner Classic Movies. Great Cold War stuff. I remember the Cold War - or at least a big chunk of it toward the end. Sigh. Well, my recollections do not go so far back as the last horrible movie (Gregory miscast as a hard-boiled smart-aleck army officer who keeps referring to "dames" and calling a nurse "nursey"). It was somewhat redeemed by the hats and the haircuts. And GP's perfect posture.

I have stolen an hour to post a new picture or two and just to say hello. The banner is fresh from today - taken when Maisy and I stole a walk to the river to look at how it has changed in the last few days into a sinister brown lake. The first warm days of spring have just arrived here in the far north, along with floods. Nothing like the weather disasters in the deep south, though. (The older I get the more I feel the horror of natural disasters. Maybe that's progress?)

It's strange here after this punishing winter to feel a wind blowing soft instead of with a knife edge. Here's another picture from the back field that I took today. I fiddled with the greenness a bit but it is morally correct if not completely photographically correct. See you soon. Thanks for looking in.


R. Sherman said...

Happy birthday @ 46 and holding.

Those extra five years I have on you allow me to remember vividly the Vietnam War and Nixon's Detente with China and the Soviets. Weird times.

As for Spring, I'll give you ours if Summer replaces it. I'm tired of rain and storm/tornado watches and warnings every three or four days.



neill said...

I love the four seasons. The winds of spring feel amazing today.

KSV Woolfoot said...

Hey R- Is that a new picture of you? Very sporting! My birthday was a couple of months ago - I was just feeling those years the other day... I read a story in the New Yorker about one of the founding fathers of psychiatry - can't remember his name- who determined that people started to die at 45. I remember that bit. Comments?

Hi OMN - Ah yes the 4 seasons, winter, mud, road construction and stick. And here I am, the old stalwart New England apologist? I must be over 45...

Nan said...

Let's see, when I was 46, I had a 12 year old and a 9 year old (did I already tell you this?) - a very good time of life. I thought people started to die the minute they were born. Cheery little thought, isn't it.
I was very impressed with GP in The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit.