Monday, July 26, 2010

Mystery of the Library Book Sale

Now why hasn't this one flown out of the Stowe Free Library Book Sale?

Probably people are waiting for the movie. I know I am.


R. Sherman said...

You know, someone made some money writing that. It's probably on a zillion accountants' bookshelves as we speak, gathering dust and waiting to be actually opened and read from preface to postscript, poor thing.


Anonymous said...

it's the evil influence of the book to it's Right - lol

Anonymous said...

say, do you have border crossing guards in the cornfield? how do the Canadians check to see if you have legally crossed the border? does wandering into Canada by walking across the field make up a - gasp! - an illegal alien?

Alisa said...

Awwww! I missed that one last weekend when I was up there! But we did go to the farmer's market !!! Yum yum Elmore mt bread is the best!!!!

Sherry O'Keefe said...

i went to a book sale last spring, somehow spent my time in the basement area with the geological surveys. found a slim volume of a study of copper deposits in lemhi county. when i opened the book, i realized it had never been opened before. the etchings had waited since 1923 to be unfolded.

btw, i liked your comment about credulousness in your previous post. v solid writing (!)

KSV Woolfoot said...

R - That is a depressing thought. How sweet that you feel bad for those poor, lonely books.

Deborah - Not surprising that the book on America's turn to the right has gone un-bought here in VT. The border is ever more unpleasant. I don't ever cross it except at the crossing.

Hi Alisa - Elmore Mountain Bread is sort of too classy for me. I see it all the time and think, we can't eat that much bread in one day so, I'm buying something with more preservatives. I am beginning to think we may both have made a mistake leaving that book on the cart. I'm going to check tomorrow to see if it's still there. I am guessing it will be.

Sherry - Is it possible that NOT ONE PERSON in nearly 90 years could be arsed to open a book with such a come-hither title? DId you buy it? Thanks for your nice comment.

Sherry O'Keefe said...

i did buy the book. cost me ten cents and has become the central theme to a manuscript i am working on . . . clyde had spent two years surveying that valley. his research was meant for the u s government, but i like to think it was meant for the rest of us. there is so much poetry in the way he described the land.