Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shackleton Speaks VI

The Understudy came downstairs a few minutes ago and wanted $2 to buy an application, (that is "app" in 2010 speak), for her iPod. I asked what she would do to earn it. She had no ideas, but I told her she could have the $2 if she put away the clean laundry heaped (as usual) on my bed. It worked.

A few hours ago, when I had dumped the laundry on the bed, I noticed that the last load included a folded dollar bill. It had been nuggetized in that way of folded, washed and dried dollar bills. It wasn't destroyed, though, and I put it next to the bed. Shackleton just found it there and called down the stairs:

"Mom, I just found this dollar. Can I have it?"

Me: "What will you do to earn it?"


Shackleton: "I'll put it back."


Will someone remind me to write down my thoughts on American Idol? We have been watching it this year, for the first time - a little late to the party - and every time I see it I start thinking dark thoughts about large swathes of humanity. I want to share these with you all, but I'll need a prod. Or, well, maybe that's enough said. Bon weekend, tout le monde.


Anonymous said...

oh please do - i need someone else to write (dark) thoughts on the bunch of humanity i refer to as "fat on the body" - some is always necessary - a surplus is a bad thing.

R. Sherman said...

The only AI, I've ever watched are a couple of the early rounds/auditions over the years, in order to marvel at the narcissism of the contestants. Otherwise, I've no thoughts, other than I believe the book of Revelation mentions something about stuff like this.

But, by all means, hold forth.


Lulu LaBonne said...

AI - coming from the countryside as I do that just means Artificial Insemination.

I never watch that box thing we use as a flower pot stand in the living room these days - just makes me want to throw things at it if I turn it on.

Anonymous said...

我愛那些使自己的德行成為自己的目標或命定的人 ..................................................

KSV Woolfoot said...

Hi Deb - Sorry to so long to respond but we've been sick blah blah. Every time I see AI I feel like someone has got to say SOMETHING. Of course, it has probably all been said somewhere already and I just missed it.

R - Yes, Something about it presages end times. What about this volcano thing combined with AI... Spooky.

Lulu - I just can't hate TV. It has been my companion all my life. Even when I hate it, I love to hate it. And lots of it these days is good.

Asian Commentator. I hope whatever you said was appropriate for comments sections.

Denise said...

Ha! There's no easy money.

To the understudy: Nice job on the banner, very uplifting.

Good commentary on American Idol. I watched the first season way back when I lived with a friend and she got into it, therefore I did too or I could go sit in my room. But that was the last one. I have no idea how those kids make it through the judging and then the indignity of having to sing 'one final song' after the proverbial boot kicks you in the butt in front of your family, friends, enemies and the entire nation and beyond. I'd need a bucket beside me and surely I'd hit my head on it on the way down as my knees buckled beneath me.

Love that Simpsons episode. "I'm better than yooouuu"!