Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quiet in the Snow

I haven't written much here because, well, I find I don't have anything much to say. Now there's a change... What could it be? Age? Hmmm. Yes, probably. Wisdom? No, probably not.

I think of stuff sometimes that I might write about here, in the middle of the night usually, then day comes and chases whatever it was away. Must not have been very important. So, I guess I'll just shut up for the time being.

We got a regular pounding of snow the other day, first time in a while, so I ran out with my camera and snapped a few.

Where Have You Gone Projectivist?

I am still reading, if not much writing, and I have been distressed in recent weeks to try to click through to my favorire Aussie Blogger, the Projectivist. One day, her lovely Blog was just gone. Removed. No more. I have been a bit worried. Proj., if you're out there, drop a line.


Lulu LaBonne said...

So much snow - looks FAB

Madame DeFarge said...

Proper snow there then, not just a dribble like we've got.

R. Sherman said...

Re: Missing bloggers.

I know some people just decide to chuck it after a while, which is fine, of course. There's a part of me, however, that thinks some sort of "good-bye," might be appropriate if one has regular visitors. I mean, after all, some sort of relationship develops over time among those of us that do this.


Anonymous said...

yes, where is PV?
i finally am to where i can check on everyone and what? no projectivist???

superb banner, by the way...


KSV Woolfoot said...

Lulu et Mme. Snow = Fab. Yes.

R et Deb - I hesitated a bit to ask the question because I didn't want to embarrass her or anything but then I thought, well, I guess I wouldn't mind if I were missed when I vanished.

Thanks for the kind words on the banner, D.