Thursday, January 21, 2010

iPhone Mirabile Dictu

Today, I learned that my old cell phone had
not survived it's night in the driveway (oops). I ran to Burlington and after an hour
in the AT&T store with handsome young Kendal
I had this miracle of modern technology in my bag,
a bit more debt, and a commitment to AT&T that is
likely to last longer than a Hollywood marriage.

WHusband was not happy... He called on a surviving cell phone while I was
talking to Kendal and made me feel like Lucy to his Desi.
The agreement is to test drive it this weekend and research other
deals. Annulment is a possibility. (Between me and At&t - Whusband and I are in it for the duration).

What do you think?

Kids are rooting for the iPhone. The Understudy took this snap of Maisy and
Shackleton to demonstrate it's powers.


the projectivist said...


I say you should have it, KSV. The beautiful iphone should be yours. Look at that fantastic photo it took! Maisy is SO cute, please let her make more frequent appearances!

R. Sherman said...

I'm afraid I've reached the age where the new technology is requires too much energy to master. Just give me something with big buttons and I'm good.


KSV Woolfoot said...

Hey Proj - It's the weekend and we are all home and enoying (not) a discussion of cell phone plans. The iPhone is a dark horse. Sigh.

Hi R - Kids and I were just hooting about the "Jitterbug." Remember that? They are cell phones and were adverstised heavily a couple of years ago, in commercials featuring a jitterbugging young couple and members of the greatest generation complaining about complicated phones and exulting in the big numbers and the single function of the phone. The Understudy told me that in Diary of Wimpy Kid the wimpy kid asked for a cell phone for his birthday and got a jitterbug with just two buttons: "home" and "emergencies".