Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shopping Update

OK. We did go out on Black Friday but we steered well clear of any store that could double as an airplane hangar. No trampling involved. Not even any grabbing. We saw the brilliant The Fantastic Mr. Fox and kids and I are quoting bits of it to one another. I am also thinking that Meryl Streep (the Fantastic Mrs. Fox) has built a place in all of our lives. How did she manage that?

This evening found me shopping online. I was strolling through the halls of Etsy, glad I didn't have to smell Cinnabons or carry any bags when I found this:

I am sorry if you think it's as cool as I did because I bought the last one. I also bought this:

Again, sorry. Last one.

Apparently, despite my bourgeois bona fides I have a streak of steam punk lurking within. Who knew? The artist doesn't identify herself by name at her Etsy shop but she also makes and sells clothing and says she recently finished a degree in Graphic Design Technology. She is somewhere in the UK. So, that's fun. I told her I would add a link, so if you're interested q.v.

Isn't this soooo much better than Walmart?

Author's note: Just FYI - I got my prints from the mysterious Etsy seller. They arrived, nicely wrapped, in an envelope from Poland. The mystery deepens. Also, I didn't get the last prints. She is limiting the edition to 25 and listing them one at a time. So, if you like them too you are still in with a chance. (12/12/09)

Bon weekend tout le monde.


Lulu LaBonne said...

That is so much better than Walmart. Much more satisfying - lovely pics

R. Sherman said...

Kudos for abjuring the malls and heading on line. Your sanity will thank you later.


Anonymous said...

i saw bill murray with joy-what's-her-name and they were talking about mr. fox.

that good, huh?

hmmmm, maybe topiary cow needs to do a review on that one for us...

KSV Woolfoot said...

Lulu - Thanks for your comment - and who could argue? I went back to the seller's Etsy shop and see she has posted another set of drawings. I assume she's listing them one at a time... I am looking forward to seeing them in person. (The one drawback to online shopping).

R, I have a feeling you would rather be snakebit than enter a mall at Christmastime. T or F?

Deborah - Nice to see you around. I love Bill Murray and the movie was a real treat. We may go see it again while it's still in the theaters and we _never_ do that.