Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Rough, The Smooth, This Weekend

We are back from the Woolfoot tour of the family haunts in old New York state. It was a looong drive back to the Last House. We made the drive on Thursday evening because I had to work Friday. We live almost an hour and a half from my office, and it wasn't easy after all that driving to get home to climb back in the car first thing Friday morning and head out again.

I was feeling a little sorry for myself because I practically live in my car when, at a stop sign in Stowe, Vermont, a small car passed me going the other direction with an enormous St. Bernard hanging its head out of the passenger window. If dogs could smile, that dog was smiling. This cheered me up and got me thinking about how we've got to take the rough with the smooth. Driving all the time stinks, but once in a while you get a St. Bernard hanging out of a Corolla, and that helps.

Other rough/smooth aspects of this weekend.

Thinking about the fact that my brother in Dallas is getting married at the end of the year. Smooth.

Checking Hotwire and everyplace else to find out how much it will cost to buy plane tickets from Burlington to Dallas. Rough.

Playing with the Wii game system we got just before our trip. Smooth.

Facing body mass index measurement that Wii Phit gave me yesterday. Rough. Very rough. The Wii more or less called me names.

Looking forward to having the air conditioner I got from my ex-stepfather while I was on my trip. Smooth.

Installing said air conditioner in the bedroom window during this torrid weekend. Rough, and sweaty.

The fact that that the air conditioner doesn't really work. Rougher.

Friend and her daughter visiting for lunch today. Smooth.

Whusband's menu choice of slow-cook stew and having to wash a million dishes in torrid weather. Rough.

All four of us hanging around the house all day on a Sunday. Rough and smooth in nearly equal measures.

OK - Must go and practice some reading with Shackleton. Best wishes for a smooth Monday.


Denise @ Swelle said...

What a weekend of contrasts. Did the emerging pattern allow you to predict and prepare for the rough?

I'd love to get one of those Wiis and most certainly I would be on the receiving end of nasty names. Do you need much room to use it?

And you're right, my mother did love to dress me up for regular photos, and everything else! I was the first born and only girl. And I was the only girl to show up in a party dress for school pictures after the age of 8. I didn't like standing out!

the projectivist said...

love that - the idea of the rough with the smooth, you're right, and it makes getting through the rough a little easier if you have something to look forward to.

oh that bloomin' Wii!
yes, it called me names too.
do you like the Wii Man or the Wii Woman? i always choose the woman, the man annoys me.

Denise? the Wii is great!
i keep my step platform thingy in the cupboard under the stairs so it's easy to get out and pack away.

R. Sherman said...

It never ceases to amazing me that the St. Bernard seems to be there at all the right times for me, albeit in various guises. Perhaps we don't have guardian angels but rather guardian St. Bernards?


Nan said...

Just the picture of the Saint Bernard will keep me cheerful a long while. :<)

Madame DeFarge said...

Great pic of a St. Bernard. My Monday was rather smooth I think on balance. My weekend was undoubtedly smooth, but with ragged bits. This week will be lost amidst a welter of deadlines, so rough.

KSV Woolfoot said...

Dear people all - so sorry about the delay in responding. School is starting and has involved a huge reorganization. I am thinking of blog posts and hope to be back to a semi regular schedule soon.

Denise - The Wii is a marvel and the people who invented it deserve to be rich. It is sort of motivating me not to eat the Little Debbie Swiss Rolls my daughter just brought in from the car.

Proj - I tried to get my own Jango juke box after seeing yours over on your blog. How do you find out about all this fabulous internet stuff. I think it worked because there is music playing now as I type.

R - Yes, aren't they lovely. I have mens rea now that a few people have talked about this great picture, which I lifted from a G Bernard website without proper attribution. I will be back to fix that. Hope all's well with your back to school life.

Madame - thanks for swinging by. See the above confession to R.

Soon I hope to get back to a bit of the old blog reading and writing that has been so sadly neglected lately.

KSV Woolfoot said...

Oh - Nan. Hey there. I will also refer you to my confession to R. I must nip over to your farm and see how you're doing.