Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Good Night...

Isn't the moon beautiful tonight? It's nice to think that where ever we are, the whole world over, we can look up and see the same moon. I tried to get a picture just now - even dragged out the old tripod, but this was the best I could do.

Thanks to all who sent good wishes for relief from my recent ear ache. It wasn't mastoiditis or celluitis or Dengue fever or anything particularly catastrophic after all. Just an ear ache. It's going away. As a result, all the reporters from the cable news networks and their satellite trucks have now disappeared from the front yard and Oprah has cancelled my appearance. I was sorry about that last bit. I still think I would have made a great guest for her. I am still hoping at least for a segment on Fresh Air. Ooops. There's the phone. It might be Terry Gross. I am glad I can still hear the phone and I can't keep Terry waiting. Bye for now and thanks again.


the projectivist said...

i'm not bothered about the Oprah thingy, i would prefer to watch you on Ellen.

i'm so pleased you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

oh, ellen definitely.
glad you are better!

R. Sherman said...

I'm glad you're better. I meant to comment and tried to, but the paleolithic dial-up internet connection at my house in the boonies has been giving me fits these last couple of weeks.

BTW, I was on my front porch looking south and admiring the moon just the other night.


KSV Woolfoot said...

I am blowing you all air kisses. I hope that doesn't embarrass, R, our gentleman blogger. The ear is making odd sticky sounds put it doesn't hurt now.

I suspect that I would really much rather hang out with Ellen Degeneres than with Oprah, but Ellen still has such a long way to go toward world domination... I suppose if I she calls I will answer, though. Alas, I think it more likely that I will have to content myself with the response I can get here, in this dim corner.