Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Sun Coming Up in March

Just this morning, a few minutes ago...

And yesterday, about 7 AM - the sun was off to the right and a rainbow of sorts appeared in this cloud.

March has its consolations.

A Little Cecil Beaton Update:

For those of you who might be in London sometime in the next couple of weeks, the famous Chris Beetles Gallery is having a Cecil Beaton retrospective (in conjunction with Sothebys) for about a month starting on April 22. I take it that means a whole bunch of his photos are going on the block in May. For those of you who will be in London this spring with a wad of cash, take note.


R. Sherman said...

Nice photos. And I like the change in look, BTW.

The bug which struck your house must have blown eastward from here. We had the same thing about ten days ago.

Yucky stuff.


uphilldowndale said...

Spring is on its way!
We had the bug here, we don't want it going around again

KSV Woolfoot said...

We really are all connected, aren't we? I was thinking how great it is to get comments from R in deepest Missouri and from Mrs. UHDD in distant England. I feel lucky to have been handed English as my first language. Too bad about those transatlantic germs, though.

Madame DeFarge said...

Thanks for the info on Chris Beetles. I went there some time ago for a Donald Gill show of all the ones owned by Michael Winner. It was very interesting.

Love the photos, very atmospheric