Saturday, December 06, 2008

Can I Get a Witness?

Despite my best intentions, I have been overwhelmed by the demands of the season. Not one card sent. No gifts wrapped - hardly any even acquired. Our Christmas tree is still standing in a field somewhere (we always cut one) - and the old blog has been languishing. It occurred to me, during this insomniac "morning" that I could at least offer this.

I just read on Wikipedia that Charles Schulz and Bill Melendez, (writer, of course, and director Charlie Brown's Christmas back in 1965), had to fight CBS to allow Linus to recite from the King James version (Boring! said the excutives). Also, when the execs first screened the show, they were horrified - jazz soundtrack? child actors (whose lines often had to be spliced together during editing because some of them couldn't read,which gave the dialogue an unusual cadence)? No laughtrack? They thought it would be a disastrous flop.


R. Sherman said...

On Christmas Eve, I always read the KJV aloud to the family -- both Luke and Matthew.

Ain't nothin' better.


Nan said...

Isn't that interesting - I had never heard any of that. It is such a wonderful show and soundtrack. I've had it on the cd player for a few days now. It's now 9, count 'em 9, days since you wrote your post, and I have written one card. I still have shopping to do, but you know, I think I may have written about this at one point - I'm all about December. That's when I want to write cards and shop and wrap and trim the tree. I'm not one for "shopping all done" "cards all done" exclamations.
Have I told you (probably) how much I love your blog?!