Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You'll Be Happy You Clicked, Or Your Money Back!

I know that while tripping around the Blogiverse one doesn't want to get mired in a YouTube video, and that posting a YouTube video is a cheap date for a blogger. I was grateful to the Shopping Sherpa, however, for posting this on her blog (a great place to visit, by the way, with all kinds of oddly fascinating information about mid-century doll houses and fabulous and strangely powerful photos of same, among other things).

I remember when this video came out in the darkest 1980s and how we watched with wonder and no irony, not the least iota of irony, at all. Oh, Former Self, you were so, so lame.

Wait for the subtitles to appear a few seconds in. You will be happy you did, I guarantee it or I'll give you back every cent you paid to watch it.


Nan said...

Not asking for my money back! Having missed much of the eighties music (except for Raffi!) and videos since I had little kiddos then, I had never heard the music or seen the video and I loved it! More please!

KSV Woolfoot said...

Hi Nan -
There is one other "literal" video of another 80s favorite by this same guy- Tears for Fears,
"Head over Heels". I used to jog with it on my Walkman in another life. I'll post a link. It's funny too, (though not as funny as this one).

R. Sherman said...

That was cute, although the original of that song drove me insane in the early 80s.