Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Quick Note on the Joy Street Annuals - Dust Jackets Sighted on Ebay

I was having a little look around ebay just now and I see that someone is selling a little passel of Joy Street annuals complete with the dust jackets. I blogged at some length about this series from the 1920s and 30s a few posts back and I noted there that I had never seen one with a surviving dust jacket (the boards are cloth covered). Like this:

So, if you have any interest here's a chance to have a look at these rare survivors. You can search "Number Joy Street" in the "books" category and that will bring up quite a few results. The seller is asking a pretty penny ($199 for the best covers). We'll see how that goes. If you nip over there and run that search, you'll see that there are several other volumes on offer right now and those without covers are not terribly expensive, though there is quite a range.

My friend Juliet has an interesting post on the deceptive nature of the cover of a recent book that she read and enjoyed. I recommend that as food for thought about the purposes, legitimate, deceptive or otherwise, of book covers.

The Joy Street covers are as good as I suspected they would be. The series was marked by a consistent high quality.

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