Thursday, June 19, 2008

Motherhood Moment

Sorry, but I have to write this down before it vanishes. It’s summer vacation as of last Friday. I am home today with Kid 1 (girl, 10) and Kid 2 (boy, 7).

Boy, being bored, just brought downstairs a recently emptied chocolate tin and a tin bank a (souvenir from Canada). He was opening a store on the living room floor. Items available for sale: a “plane” he made from Legos; a small plastic car; a page of his math homework (“but I only did one side”) and a few feet of clothesline. This was the total inventory. I came in with 35 cents and selected the clothesline. Lord knows why he has it or what neck it might accidentally find it’s way around if not removed from his possession. He then gave me the option of which fund he should put it in: “for charity” (the Canadian souvenir), or “trips and bills” (the chocolate tin). I picked trips and bills.

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Cat said...

The joys of parenthood!