Saturday, May 31, 2008

"The Rules of the Game" at the Last House

Two weeks ago, I borrowed the DVD of the famous Jean Renoir film, "La Regle du Jeu." I got it from the beautiful Goodrich Memorial Library in Newport, Vermont (the pinnacle of high culture here in the back of beyond). The photo above was taken in one of the library's rooms and the link is below. I think I saw the film (we must not call it a "movie") as a 20-something student. I managed to watch most of it again this morning (on my son's twin bed on the excuse I was cleaning his room). I had to try to see it today because it was a week overdue and in my experience libraries typically charge a dollar a day for overdue DVDs. It had to get the thing back to the Goodrich but also get my money's worth out of it!

I am happy to report my total fine was 60 cents. I felt bad enough about it that I bought a couple of pictures of the library (a fundraiser) and, last of the Big Spenders, I also let them keep the change from my dollar. In any case, the film is a critic's darling and, even with my kids bursting in and demanding to be tickled or otherwise attended to, it is obvious why. I am a better age now to appreciate the farce and the genius of the photography than I was at 21. Here's a link to the cool trailer for the good Criterion Collection DVD, which is the version I was able to borrow for so long:

Puppy Update
In other news, our Maisy has settled in so well it's spooky. (Look back a couple of posts for a picture). She's as sweet as she looks. Only one pee in the house so far! And no crying at night either. I am touching wood...

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