Sunday, May 04, 2008

I Been Workin' on my Bla -ah-og, all the Live-Long Day: Scroll for a Poll

My husband said yesterday I was going to take root in this chair. What can I say, Rome was not built in a day and I have been learning my way around a few more Bloggish features. I added a poll yesterday, just for fun, - but you have to scroll right down to the end of this page, check it out.

And I didn't really spend all day on the computer - just all evening! Really.

Most of the day yesterday was, in fact, spent ferrying Kid 1 to a birthday party in Movegas (aka Morrisville, Vermont) and then playing VT tourist with Kid 2. He and I went down to Montpelier, our bijou little state capital city, for a quick look at the State House and all the hippies and their various products at the weekly farmers market. Then on to Ben and Jerry's factory-cum-tourist-attraction in Waterbury for a cone. Then home. No wonder I had to sit and blog when I got back (that jaunt representd about 5 hours of driving/shopping/gawking)! We at the Last House did also manage a little effort for Green Up Day, running around the fields here and picking up cans and plastic, what have you. I was impressed by all the volunteers I saw out on the roadsides in yesterday's cold, rainy weather.

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