Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Bright Saturday - Close to Home

The sun came out mid-morning and it was a welcome sight after a stormy Friday (yesterday). Woolfoot Kid 1 and I had a white-knuckle bad drive home from school. (She had a BAD day because of something mean the gym teacher said and spent the whole trip crying with her face to the window. I could have throttled that gym teacher). Kid 2 had stayed home with Daddy since he spent the small hours throwing up. So, Friday was not good, but today was better. We went to Newport for Kid 1's piano lesson this noon time. From there to the Newport Library, the Goodrich Memorial Library, which may be the most beautiful public library of my acquaintance. See the pictures of the kids reading and browsing in its restored Victorian splendor. There was a young teenage girl who was so helpful - glasses and obviously just at the end of a growth spurt - it gave me faith in the cultural future of the Back-of-Beyond. Then we crossed the street to Gardner Park and the kids did some ice skating on the great rink there (free, too, and well managed by the local parks and rec dep't). Kid 1 was happier at the end of the day than she had been at the beginning.


Jenny said...

Wow, the library's great. It reminds me of my own little public library here in London, right next to the Keats House!

KSV Woolfoot said...

Hi Jenny. Great to hear from you. We just finished dinner with our English friends from Oxford who are over skiing. Hoping to see you in London. We have a long list of places to go and things to do and we're hoping you can come along to one or more or them and maybe show us something special to you.